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Pilates Mat is a 55-minute mat-based, low impact, fat burning workout featuring small equipment such as fitness circle, flex-band, exercise ball, foam roller etc...  Focusing on flexibility, strength & agility, this full body workout maximizes results. 


Pilates Mat & Prop Classes are included in the Ultimate Membership.  Please navigate to the Pricing tab for more information.

Drop in sessions are $20/session. 

New participants, please contact us prior to your first session.  Thank you!

Pilates Mat & Props

We offer private, duet, and small group Pilates equipment sessions. Signature innovations allow for greater fluidity and control with a limitless range of motion and programming possibilities. Equipment sessions include: reformers, split-pedal chairs, ladder-barrels, exercise balls, flex bands, fitness circles, mini stability balls, etc.  All sessions are 55 minutes. 

Pricing  is as follows:  

Private sessions on the Reformer:

 1 session       $60.00

10 sessions   $550.00  ($55.00 per session)

Shared sessions: 

​1 session        $35.00

10 sessions   $300.00 ($30.00 per session) 

Please note that Five 1-on-1 sessions ($250.00) are required for an Initial Evaluation & Movement Teaching prior to starting shared sessions.