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Class Descriptions

“Group TRX” (TRX Suspension Training):
Small Group session uses the TRX Suspension Trainer for a Full Body Workout including both cardio and body sculpting resistance.

SGT (Small Group Training):
Small group session uses a variety of equipment such as TRX, medicine balls, battle ropes, dumbbells and more to build both strength and cardiovascular endurance. You will never get bored with these always changing workouts! A variety of timed intervals and training techniques are used to ensure that your body and mind keep getting stronger.

Power Hour:

Power focuses on specific muscles each day of the week in order to focus on strengthening these areas. 
Monday: chest, shoulders, and triceps.
Tuesday: back, biceps and legs.
Wednesday: legs, shoulders and core.
Thursday: back, biceps, chest, and triceps.

Indoor Cycling:
Great cardiovascular workout that’s not hard on the joints.  High calorie burn and leg/core strength either 45 minutes or 55 minute sessions.

Pilates Mat:
Pilates Mat is a 55-minute mat-based, low impact, fat burning workout featuring small equipment such as: flex bands, exercise balls, fitness circles, etc. Focusing on stability, balance, flexibility and range of motion as well as  elongating muscles.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):
Get ready for a fast-paced class that combines cardio, strength and core work always in a different way! You never know what you will get in your workout but it will always be GREAT!


1 Hour of flow yoga to synchronize the movement of body with the breath. Class begins with a short mediation to quiet the mind followed by movement to build heat within the body in preparation for strengthening postures and detoxifying twists. Improve your balance and experience the benefits of mindful movement.


​Drills, functional core movements and basic strength training come together to create a total body workout that fits everybody, from the beginner to the experienced athlete. The moves are basic, yet progressive.

HALO Training:

Use the Halo Trainer to build and challenge core strength with Pilates-inspired movements.  Cardio  interval challenges complete this workout.

Cardio Circuit:

45 minutes of fun that will be sure to keep your heart rate up the entire time!